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WrapMeUp products utilize Giormani's leather expertise to create a "wrap" that can be enclosed in a hollow interior structure. This interior space can be used for storage, and the leather exterior adds softness for seating purposes. The storage space can be easily assembled for transportation. The interior box is made of bamboo, in line with the theme of sustainability. A multifunctional stool, just like a gift, with a leather cover wrapped around a bamboo box. The front of the stool is a round zippered flap, that serves as a hidden storage space. On top of the product, is covered bysoft cotton that offers comfortable sitting.

Brands 2022-2023



GIORMANI was founded by Mr. Kelvin Ng and Ms. Jane Tong in 1999, GIORMANI has received numerous awards and has 11 shops located in Hong Kong. As sofa is the centerpiece of a home that can gather all family members to enjoy valuable moments, they started the business by providing quality, comfortable and stylish sofa furniture. Working with young designers from Italy, Germany and Hong Kong for years enables the Company to keep up with the latest trends from the continent. Also, its design team masterfully blends tradition and innovation, classic and contemporary designs, to create unique and modern sofas and armchairs. GIORMANI’s designs consistently combine functionality with creativity.

GIORMANI has been committed to promoting the development of Hong Kong's design industry, pooling expertise, and resources from different sectors to encourage more cross-sectoral collaboration, bringing long-term benefits to the industry. In 2019, GIORMANI was awarded the “Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, in recognition of the continuous efforts in brand creation and outstanding achievements in original design, product and service. In the future, Giormani will strive for excellence and provide continuous support to Hong Kong families.

Design Teams


100°C is the brand of Whitehole Design Limited, aims to become an engine of growth in the circular economy, in which people come up with solutions to share, exchange, upcycle, and recycle the Earth’s resources. The core members of 100°C, Ling Wong and Davide Tonizzo have been actively promoting sustainable art and design initiatives. Ling has worked with a number of listed companies providing them with branding and visual identity while Davide is a multi-award winning designer creating projects in transportation and furniture design. Together they believe in the narrative power of design to promote positive social change.