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Eco-friendly Pour Over Coffee Set

To convey the concept of simple, environmental friendliness, to incorporate the complete experience of brewing and enjoying coffee into Hong Kong household environment while demonstrating the spirit of German Pool - cherishing local environment. This design also provides a complete, easy-to -operate and maintenance pour over coffee experience. The eco-friendly pour over coffee set is mainly made in glass with simple, fashionable style, and easy in storage. It is easily integrated into various environments and fits Hong Kong's small residence. The base tray and the lid are made of environmentally sustainable bamboo and recyclable materials. The stainless-steel filter is different from ordinary paper one as it can be reused. Repeated brewing leave coffee beans fat on the filter, which can help reduce the bitter taste of coffee beans and maintain delicate flavor. Everyone can choose your own combination (the best ratio is 1:10 to 1:16) and make the most suitable coffee for yourself.

Brands 2022-2023

German Pool

Home Appliances, Kitchen Equipment & Cabinetry

Founded in 1982, German Pool is a Hong Kong based company renowned for its import of quality electric water heaters from Germany in the beginning. It has been growing ever since, diversifying and extending its products to lifestyle appliances, kitchen cabinetry and customised cabinetry.

German Pool currently has three large-scale showrooms in Hong Kong, in addition to over a thousand distribution points including major electrical appliance chains and department stores across Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area. German Pool also partners with various real estate developers to provide one-stop solutions for furniture, cabinets and electrical appliances in new upscale housing estates, further expanding into the commercial project sector.

German Pool started extensively developing its O2O businesses back in 2015, landing on several international e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Ebay, Lazada, T Mall, etc., gaining a head start over many. Together with an increasing presence in sales platforms on airlines and cruise ships, German Pool has successfully developed into an all-encompassing modern electrical appliances and furniture brand. With the outbreak of Covid-19, German Pool was the first to launch self-produced entertaining shows on social media, aimed at entertaining and bringing joy to the public, sharing fun facts and tips in the use of electrical appliances in fighting the pandemic as well as keeping up with the trend of cooking at home.

With nearly four decades’ of perseverance, German Pool has won innumerous prestigious accolades including “Hong Kong Top Brand Ten Year Achievement Award”, “Hong Kong Premier Brand”, “Prestigious Corporate Brand”, “Greater China Excellent Contribution Brand Award”, “Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award”, “Hong Kong Star Brand Award”, “Superbrands Hong Kong”, “Most Influential Brand in China - Home Appliances Industry” etc. German Pool has also won the Hong Kong Red Q-Mark Product Award and the Hong Kong Gold Q-Mark Service Award for numerous consecutive years, all testimonies to German Pool’s unswerving determination to provide the best to consumers and maintain a leading role in the market.

Design Teams

One Object Design Studio

One Object Design Studio (One Object) has also been selected again for this year’s collaboration. The philosophy of One Object is honest design with meaningful innovation. The studio has over 10 years’ experience in product and related design industries. It has worked with renowned international brands to small medium enterprises, designing transport and mobility products, smart home IoT devices, consumer electronics, domestic appliances and home furniture etc. Founder and creative director, Evan Ma Yiwei has worked in Huawei’s Smart Home Design Department, Lenovo’s Advanced Design Lab and Philips Design. Led by Evan and its designer Doyle Wang Jie, One Object’s designs are minimalistic and practical, with inspirations from life’s innovation, their products depict reality and functionality.