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It's a new revolutionary to a backpack for those who loves to travel – a lightweight but easy to have an extra spare bag to use when needed. Speedy super lightweight pack that can be easily flipped with one motion fold away and can also be easily flipped out to its original form. An ideal piece for work and traveling. FilpAPack has 4 styles. It’s lightweight in a round pizza shape which can be easily put away and transformed in one motion to its original form without faffing around.

Each style has 2 sizes and capacities. The colorful map pattern design on the bag with various world-famous tourist attractions with a QR code. An interesting design is when you scan the QR code on the bag, loads of related pictures of the attractions at social media would be popped up.

Brands 2022-2023

FX Creations

Backpack & Wallets

A group of youth who were passionate in art came together to bring genesis to a series of creative designs in the fast-paced city, Hong Kong. 

We consider every idea, and every experience in life in our product development. We will constantly enrich our bags in terms of quality, versatility, design and comfort. The goal is to enable daily carriers to experience comfort while maintaining a stylish look without effort.

Design Teams


Peer through the blinds into an artistic world of colour, delight and imagination. Founded in 2012 by Hong Kong design duo Jessica Lau Yuen Ting and Walter Kong Tak Wa, BLIND by JW is a womenswear and accessories label of Blind Creation Company Limited that is celebrated for its artistic patterns and hand-drawn prints. Their designs connect Eastern and Western influences, and feature modern motifs and surprising silhouettes to create wearable works of art. Creating directly onto canvas, Jessica uses watercolours to bring unique images to life. From fantasy fiction to fairy tales, each print is a journey of cultural exploration and storytelling. Jessica’s creations are then digitised by Walter and printed on to colourful pieces that strike a balance between eccentricity and elegance.