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About ReMIX

“ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” (ReMIX) is a brand and designer matching program organised by Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK), with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor. Last year, the first ReMIX program was successfully matched five design teams with classic local brands and together they created several series of best-selling and highly praised products. The program has successfully elevated the status of Hong Kong brands and designers. This year, the 2nd ReMIX has been selected as one of the projects to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China’s establishment, plus formed a Brand Advisory Panel from a range of renowned professionals to select 6 local premium brands for collaboration, providing designers with infinite creativity space and opportunity.

Collaborating design teams shall lead the design work and responsible for the entire product development process. Bringing more possibilities to established brands with design teams’ unique perspectives and aesthetics!

To elevate the profiles of local creative markets and promote Hong Kong as an Asia’s creative capital locally and globally, collaborating design teams will also be invited to attend the Mainland and overseas programs (business mission trip, delegation trip plus exhibition), so as a mean to drive sustained growth on creative industries in long run.

Project Mission
  • Reawaken local brand’s value to sustain Hong Kong’s culture and traditional values and competitiveness.
  • Facilitate industry synergy and spur business collaboration between local companies and professional designers on a much broader basis.
  • Bring professional design service to corporate and public attention and drive the market recognition on the professional skills of design service.
  • Foster community atmosphere and innovativeness to generate demands for creative markets and product manufacture industry and drive sustained business growth.
  • Create a new economic driver for Hong Kong in a long run.

Founded in 2002, Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) aims to promote the state-of-the-art and professional practice of Hong Kong’s industrial design (ID), and to leverage its status. Over the years, IDSHK has been committed to promoting and striving for the rights of industrial designers by enhancing their competitiveness, providing them with industry-related knowledge and promoting exchanges with local, the Mainland and international professional organisations. 2022 is the year marking the 20th anniversary of IDSHK’s establishment.

With 20 years’ contributions and connections of all forerunners which empower the unceasing growth and progress of IDSHK, a notable milestone has been framed. With this keystone, IDSHK also strives to create another new plot by implementing the mottos of Inheritance, Convergence and Mutual beneficial as IDSHK’s future direction.

Inheritance: Inherit efforts, contributions and persistence of forerunners.

Convergence: Gather all parties’ strength and cooperation.

Mutual beneficial: Create a brilliant future design prospect together.

IDSHK grasps the pulse of the society and technology evolvements with innovative ideas to provide members with updated relevant knowledge and connections to keep pace with the times. Gather all parties’ strength and cooperate to create a brilliant future design prospect.

Yesterday’s Future,
Invent Tomorrow!
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Important Dates
Application Starts:
Email-starting from today / Online-from 23 March 2022
Deadline for 1st Part of Application (submit CV and portfolio):
20 April 2022
Deadline for 2nd Part of Application (submit brand choices, collaboration propositions and insights):
30 April 2022
Late May 2022
Early June 2022
New Product Development and Production:
June 2022-April 2023